Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Democrat Hypocrisy at their National Convention

Let's see; the Pepsi Center in Denver is the host of this year's DNC convention. It is one of the very best sports venues in the U.S., home to the Nuggets and Avalanche. The DNC has decided that while they chose the building and city for the convention, it is not good enough for them as it is. They are going to rip out most of the luxury boxes' interiors, bring in their own lighting, wiring, and other utilities, and when the convention is all over, take it all out and remodel the boxes back to their original design.

So for the so-called "green" party and those proclaiming global warming and energy conservation, they are making a mockery of that by engaging in this lunacy. Think of all the energy required to make this happen, all the wasted resources, all the extra manpower and transportation of the materials for this lark. I guess they can buy their carbon offsets to make it all "OK." And after all this, they are going to have the final night at Denver's Invesco Field, outdoors. What a total sham.

What's even more hypocritical is that the Pepsi Center is owned by an heir to the Wal-Mart fortune, Stan Kronke. So for the party that constantly bashes Wal-Mart for everything they can think of, it sure is interesting that they are paying to use his facility. Shouldn't the convention be held at down at the wharf in Long Beach or something?

Speaking of Denver, what a total disgrace the black singer Rene Marie was at the mayor's State of the City address last week. Instead of singing the National Anthem like she was supposed to, she sang the so-called "Black National Anthem" instead. Of all the self-centered, egotistical things I have seen, that is one of the worst. She directly violated the specific agreement she had so that she could flaunt her own agenda. She should be barred forever from appearing in Colorado for any reason.

But what is almost as bad is that no one in the mayor's staff on the stage did anything to stop it. They are also disgraceful in their own right.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Feelings vs. Common Sense

Neal Boortz, the Atlanta-based conservative radio host, recently gave the commencement address at Texas A&M University. His speech probably took many by surprise, as he proceeded to make dramatic comparisons between the phoniness of liberalism vs. the "factualness" of conservatism. He also bashed the liberal faculty, and all of their hypocrisy, including their group mentality, rather than their individualism.

His most important points to the graduates had to with the basic differences between liberalism (fascism, socialism, Marxism) and conservatism. First, liberalism is based on feelings vs. conservatism is based on thinking. Liberalism is about emotions and intentions whereas conservatism is about facts and common sense.

Furthermore, liberalism is about group identities, such as Rich, Poor, Blacks, Less Fortunate, etc., while conservatism is about individual identities, period. In college, the students learned about group behavior, but in the real world, it will be all about individual behavior.

He added that if the students have not changed to conservatism by age 30, then they should apply to be a teacher at a college, where they will fit right in with the liberal-fascist professors.

This goes right back to an earlier post about how impossible it is for the Democrats to unite the country; it is fundamentally against their philosophy to unite since they are all about groups. Meanwhile, Republicans talk about individualism, which is far more able to unite people, as they are all for the common goal of getting the government out of the way and letting people have the freedom to do what they want.