Friday, August 8, 2008

Obama's "Plan" for Energy

Obama has decided that the best thing to do is to tax the so-called "windfall profits" of "Big Oil." That's a really brilliant idea. What about during the '80s, when oil & gas companies were losing their shirts, and laid off thousands of people, and lost billions of dollars? What about a "windfall subsidy" for them then? Obama wants to give $1,000 from the oil companies to every American. His opinion is "How dare those mean old oil companies charge so much for gas, when most Americans are trying to get to the movies to watch Hollywood films."

Who does Obama think gets hurt when you tax the profits, windfall or not, from oil companies? The CEOs? Nope. Many, if not most of the oil companies' employees own stock in their own companies, and most people own oil stocks in their mutual funds or stock portfolios. These same employees, roughly half of whom are Democratic, get paid bonuses from those profits. And then where's the money to reinvest in better ways to extract oil and gas, and to develop alternative energies? If the liberals care so much about this, why don't they turn their car keys in and use a bicycle to get everywhere?

Speaking of windfall profits, why not tax the Hollywood entertainers for their windfall profits? The new movie The Dark Knight is likely going to earn up to $500 million in domestic ticket sales, and the profits on that movie should be considered windfall, and rebated to the consumers from the producer's pocketbook. How dare they charge $10 per ticket, and expect Americans to be able to afford going to the movies anymore. I want $2 back for every ticket I bought this year so that I can pay for my bill for movie tickets, plus I want $1 back for the popcorn and drinks that I bought, that also created windfall profits for the move theater chains. How dare they charge $8 for popcorn, when hard-working Americans can't afford to put food on their table, or have to choose between medicine or their house payment.

If Obama had any common sense (he doesn't) he'd really think this through. Instead, he's just mouthing off things that sound good in the liberal media, and numskull dopes in the country who buy all this phony-baloney talk lock, stock and barrel.

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