Sunday, August 31, 2008

EXPERIENCE vs. experience

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is an outstanding choice for the Republican VP Nominee: my prediction is that she'll be President in four years. She is a spectacular candidate and she just clinched the election for McCain.

Of course, the know-nothing Democrats slammed her "lack of experience" and claimed that the issue of "experience" is now off the table. Allow me to squash their lunacy:

1. By simply suggesting that the "experience" issue is off the table, the Dems are admitting that Osama (I mean Obama) is not qualified. By proposing that experience is no longer vital, then they obviously know that Obama has no experience. They would not want it off the table if it was a positive factor for him.

2. Sarah Palin is not running for President, but Vice President, whereas Obama is running for President. Obama's lack of experience is far more relevant than her alleged lack of experience by virtue of the position each is running for. It is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

3. Even if you did compare Obama's and Palin's experience, she has far more than he does, anyway. One month of being Governor is far more relevant than one year of being a Senator. Governors make executive decisions each day. Senators make no executive decisions each day. They campaign, rather than lead, and they focus on a few specific issues rather than a broad spectrum of issues for that particular state.

4. In fact, Palin is so far more experienced compared to Obama, that Palin herself is far more qualified to be President than Obama.

5. Dems ripped her lack of foreign policy experience; yes, she does not have any foreign policy experience, but neither does Obama. And no, his speeches in Europe or elsewhere are not relevant. Those were foreign campaign speeches, not foreign policy speeches. He has claimed that his living in Indonesia and his undergraduate degree in international relations qualify him for foreign policy matters! Are you kidding me? That is not worthy of foreign policy experience.

6. I suggest that Sarah Palin has the right kind of experience by virtue of her conservative approach and values, her corruption-bashing experience, and her overall "balls," to confront every lunatic dictator far more than Obama does, again by virtue of her dealing with other matters in Alaska, which is far more than Obama can say.

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