Thursday, September 11, 2008

The disgrace that is the Democratic party

If ever there was an example of total and utter disgrace, it is the Democratic party. They have completely gone overboard in their hateful hyperbole towards conservatives, especially Gov. Sarah Palin. The other day, a congresswoman said that the only qualification Gov. Palin had was that she had not had an abortion. What a complete outrage.

The bigger issue here is that the Dems, the "Femi-Nazis," and liberals in general, are completely threatened by Gov. Palin. They have not seen the likes of her in years. Everything that they supposedly stand for is represented by Gov. Palin, but unfortunately for them, she is a Republican. Liberals talk all they can about empowering women, and breaking the glass ceiling, and women's strengths and women being able to work and raise a family, and blah, blah, blah. And one of the finally shows up, it is a Republican woman who has all of these characteristics.

The Femi-Nazis are besides themselves. They can't stand that this is happening to them. It proves that their motives are strictly self-serving, have no real basis or purpose in life, and all is simply done for show.

As much as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are race pimps or hustlers, the NOW Gang is nothing but a bunch of feminism pimps or hustlers. The more they rant and chant and rave, the more they slip into the sewer -- the gutter of complete irrelevancy. The more the liberals complain about Gov. Palin and her experience and family and other matters, the more they expose themselves for what they have become -- complete FRAUDS.

Why is it that the Dems sent 30 (THIRTY) lawyers to fan out across Alaska? One reason: to dig up all the dirt they could find or manufacture about Gov. Palin. Did the Republicans send in 30 lawyers to Chicago to sneak around looking for Obama factoids? No. Of course, since most of his dirty laundry is already out there -- and it is really very dirty (but not exposed much by the liberal media) -- there was not a whole lot of snooping needed.

I wish someone would explain to me why they think that a Fascist, Socialist, Marxist, quasi-Communist, totally inexperienced, most-liberal-in-the-Senate, "community organizer" junior Senator from Illinois should be the leader of the free world. What sense does this make? There is simply no explanation, no plausible reason, no logic at all to explain how the Dems came up with just about the worst choice they could have made, other than selecting Saul Alinsky, were he not dead.

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