Monday, September 22, 2008

Hollyweird Liberal Fascist Wackos

The Emmy Awards were on TV last night -- for all 36 of you that watched it. I saw about 1 minute of it and turned it off. By all accounts, it was an awful show. And naturally, the Hollyweirdos, in an election season, showed why they are such a disgrace. All I need to do is remind them of the funeral/political rally for the Minnesota Democrat who died in the plane crash a few years ago. His funeral turned into a Bush-bashing, Republican-bashing contest, and his successor as the Dem. Senate candidate for Minnesota ended up losing the election in what had been an incumbent seat.

The same thing will happen with the Dems over their endless and tireless bashing of Palin, McCain and the Republicans. People are so sick of their crap and their so-called funny jokes. People don't think they are funny and they can see through their shallowness and phoniness. All this does is galvanize the conservatives.

Laura Linney, who went to my college, which frankly explains everything if you know anything about Brown, claims that "community organizers" founded this country -- referring to Barack Obama's self-proclaimed "experience." No one is disparaging Osama's (I mean, Obama's) work in the community -- but we can disparage it all day long as to the merits of his work as qualifying him for the Presidency of the United States. He can "community organize" all day long, and he can rightfully earn some accolades for that, but he sure as hell doesn't deserve to be President for that.

And for all these so-called Intellectual Elites, who continue to disparage Gov. Sarah Palin, I can assure you this -- it will blow up in their face, and I hope it does, big, loud and nasty. They deserve nothing less.

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